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Equipment and manufacturers featured in the launch of the GastroLab…

Published: 09/02/17

Equipment and manufacturers

We’re extremely happy and proud to work with market leading supplier partners from around the world. Without their drive and determination to continuously innovate and push research and development to the pinnacle, the GastroLab wouldn’t be home to the technology you see before you today. We wanted to give a special mention to manufacturers who are currently featured in the lab:

  • Mibrasa Ovens
  • Unox Combination Ovens
  • Frima Variocook
  • Ascentia F1 Pizza Oven
  • Precision Refrigeration
  • Adande Mulit-Temp Refrigeration Drawers
  • Hatco Hot Holding
  • CED Servery Counters
  • Baselite Heat Lamps
  • Maidaid Diswhasher
  • A range of light goods from Gastro-Direct